Garage Door Repair in Hoylake

Garage Door Repair in HoylakeGarage door repair in Hoylake may be required as a result of different problems or faults. There are many different systems that are utilised to open and close garage doors, both manual and remote.  There are doors that tilt up and others that are made in several jointed panels that roll on tracks across the garage ceiling or that fit onto a roll above the doorway. The operating system is spring loaded or counter balanced to offset the weight of the door and make it easy to open. The doors themselves are made of many different materials most commonly of wood, metal or fibreglass. Some are insulated to prevent heat loss and keep the garage warmer in winter. There are many more garage doors that are remote controlled these days as they enable the driver to open the door at the press of a button without exposure to the weather.

Over time parts wear out and in Hoylake, garage door repair becomes necessary. We not only cater for new garage door installations but also have a wide range of spares to fix garage doors. Snapped springs will stop the door from opening easily and may cause the door to be too heavy to lift. The hinges on the panels may break and stop the door from rolling up efficiently. The remote control doors can have problems with the opening device which we can repair although it is often easily remedied by the replacement of the battery or the control. The control is set to a special frequency to correspond with the door and we can reset the opening controller if necessary.  Rollers can become damaged but are easily replaced by our experienced team.

Your garage doors need to be secure as they guard one of your most expensive possessions and often connect directly to your home and we are known for garage door repair in Hoylake at very reasonable prices. Contact County Garage Doors today to enquire about fitting a new garage door or having your present door repaired.  They are often the way many people get into their homes on returning from work. We have a large selection of parts like springs and rollers and can repair or replace broken hinges and off track doors.