Garage Door Repairs in Hoylake

Garage Door Repairs in HoylakeGarage door repairs in Hoylake may be all you need. Maybe you’ve been putting off doing anything about the condition of your door because you thought you would need a new replacement. If your door still looks good with no holes or dents then almost everything else can be repaired or replaced. That will cost less than a whole door replacement. For instance, water may be leaking into your garage and in cold weather ice forms under the door. The door just needs a replacement seal to keep out the water and ice. Or perhaps the door doesn’t rise or lower smoothly; jerks along and gets hung up in spots. That could just be replacement rails and rollers. The lock and handle has probably been missing for years; easily replaced with some nice looking hardware.

So if your garage door is stuck hanging lopsided and 3 inches from the ground with an unsightly stain where the lock used to be, a new door would seem reasonable. If you are in Hoylake, garage door repairs that will make your old door look new is only a phone call away. County Garage Doors installs and repairs most any size or style of garage door. We’re familiar with the major brands and have a wide selection from which customers choose as replacements. But when the door itself is still in good condition, most of the operating mechanisms can be repaired or replaced. Refurbishment so your door works like new could be completed in one day.

County Garage Doors have been undertaking garage door repairs in Hoylake as well as new installations since 1982. You get expert customer service and quality parts when you call us because we do an honest job. We’ve been a local fixture for a long time. Contact County Garage Doors when your garage needs repair. We’ll come to your location and give you a price for the work that is fair and competitive. Even minor repairs should be taken care of and we’re happy to do that for you. From weather stripping to complete refurbishment, we take care of our customers.