Garage Door Company in Wirral

Garage Door Company in WirralIf you have a garage on your property you will need a garage door company in Wirral to attend to any repairs. A remote control garage door can allow you to enter the garage without having to get out of your car. You are therefore never exposed to the weather or thieves waiting for an opportunity to steal your vehicle. Some criminals wait for people to exit their cars and jump into the car and drive away. If the garage is attached to the house we can install a door from the garage to the house to allow access to the house directly from the garage. The remote can be hand held or cigarette lighter activated which will automatically open the door when you get within a certain proximity to the garage.

We have a number of automatic and manually operated garage doors. In Wirral, garage door company teams will fit a new frame as well as a new garage door epending on your requirements. Our garage doors are of the highest quality and we also offer repairs to many types of doors. We have garage doors manufactured from a wide range of materials in a number of different styles. Our steel doors offer a sturdier and more durable solution especially when fitted in one of our steel frames. Wooden doors are still very popular and can be fitted with either a steel or wood frame. Our wood frames are made from high quality cedar and are stained to preserve the wood.

Our garage door company in Wirral repairs all types of garage doors. We have a wide range of spares commonly needed or replacing worn or broken parts. Contact County Garage Doors today. We offer a wide range of repairs including snapped springs and broken hinges. We hold a large stock of spare parts and have over 20 years of experience in repairing all types of garage doors. All our remote controlled garage doors have a five year warranty that covers manufacturer’s defects. We offer free quotations for fitting new garage doors and frames. Our team is expert in providing top quality service and speedy fitment.