Garage Doors in Neston

Garage Doors in NestonWe have been fitting and fixing garage doors in Neston for over 20 years. The concept of a garage was developed when horses were supplanted by vehicles. Many old stables were converted to garages and the doors were altered to allow the car to pass into the building. Garage doors were originally manually lifted or opened but nowadays with technological advances we are able to fit remote control garage doors to any existing building. The benefits of remote control technology are huge. There is no more having to get out of the car in the rain or snow to open the door. A simple press of a button will open the door and close it behind the car.

There are a large number of designs and styles for doors. In Neston, garage doors come in many manual styles as well as remote control designs. We have steel doors, wooden doors, roller style doors and fibre glass doors. The up and over garage door is still very popular as it needs little space to open and close. There is a wide variety of styles colours and materials to suit any home. Our garage doors are expertly installed every time and we perform our work with efficiency at a highly competitive rate. We provide both timber and steel frames for the new garage door. The timber option is made of high quality cedar wood that is pre-stained to preserve the wood.

Your garage doors in Neston need to be secure as they guard one of your most expensive possessions and often connect directly to your home.  They are often the way many people get into their homes on returning from work. Contact County Garage Doors today to enquire about fitting a new garage door. We also repair any faults you may have with your garage door. We have a large selection of parts like springs and rollers and can repair or replace broken hinges and off track doors. Cables can be replaced and remotes can be repaired or replaced.