Garage Door Repair in Birkenhead

Garage Door Repair in BirkenheadPutting off garage door repair in Birkenhead may be dangerous and costly. The door may still go up and down but if the door is labouring to do so a safety check is in order. The door is supposed to glide smoothly on the rails so bumping along means something is wrong. Loud screeching noises when opening your garage door are another signal of poor operation. When closing the garage door, whether by hand or with an automatic device, a sudden drop from any position is dangerous; even it’s just the last 6 inches. A sudden unexpected drop from the top results from maintenance and repair neglect and could be deadly for anyone in its path. Malfunction of the smallest garage door can bring 150 to 200 pounds crashing down on your child.

County Garage Doors recommends maintenance checks on your garage doors. In Birkenhead, garage door repair is often all that’s needed instead of a new replacement door. We can often repair the door the same day because we stock the various springs, rollers, cables, hinges and more needed for repairs. The problem may be with your electric door opener or as simple as a spring replacement. You can expect an honest quote for repairs made by our experienced team. They know every operational part, regardless of brand, of garage doors. Moving parts can rust, become misshapen and loosen. Cables, which hold the door in place, become worn and then. If one breaks, the result could be more damage to your door.

Garage door repair in Birkenhead from County Garage Doors will result in smooth, steady and quiet door operation. The seal across the bottom will prevent water and ice buildup under the door edge. If the door comes in contact with any obstacle on the way down, it will instantly go back up. If that is not the way your garage door operates contact County Garage Doors for the safety repairs to make it right. Finding worn parts in one area means there are likely others and new parts will allow the door to operate like new. When your remote door opener won’t let you in, call us. Remote door openers are an important safety feature for people and the belongings stored in the garage. We’ll make sure you enjoy uninterrupted service with maintenance checks.