Garage Doors in Wirral

Garage Doors in WirralOlder homes may need to replace original garage doors in Wirral. The older models range from the double door model to the manual single door. These were normally made from wood and over time need a lot of maintenance to keep them in good order. The doors are exposed to the weather in all seasons and over time they tend to rot. The frames were also made of wood and these too become brittle and need to be replaced. It would make sense to invest in a remote control garage door where no manual lifting is needed. We have both timber and steel frames and a wide range of doors including Steel doors, fibreglass doors and wooden doors. These come in a number of designs including up and over or roller doors.

The UK is a wonderfully wet and green country with much drizzle and rain. In Wirral, garage doors that are operated by remote control are a wonderful invention. If you are coming home after a long day at work and have to get out of the car into the cold rain to open the garage door you could be damp and miserable by the time you get into your home. A remote control which is either hand held or cigarette lighter activated is a joy. Your car is out of the weather and off the road and safe and you are dry. To further improve access to your garage we can fit a door between the garage and house where possible. This allows you to exit your vehicle and enter your home and remain dry and warm.

We supply and fit garage doors in Wirral. Contact Country Garage Doors today or visit our showroom to see the many different types of door that we stock. Our business was established back in 1982 and is still a family run concern with traditional family values .Besides fitting garage doors we also fit windows in garages to allow air and light into the building. Our costs are affordable and our workmanship and products are some of the best available.