Garage Door Installation in Greasby

Garage Door Installation in GreasbyYour home can certainly benefit from a garage door installation in Greasby if the existing garage door is warped or damaged. A garage is an important access point into your home. If not properly constructed, it can be a way for thieves and intruders to break in. Your vehicle or any other valuables that you store in your garage such as tools, machinery may be subject to theft. More importantly, most garages have an access point to the main home. A thief can easily break down this door to gain entry into your home. Why not stop a thief right from the start by installing sturdy garage doors?

For your home in Greasby, garage door installation is what we specialise in.  These services are available to customers residing in Wirral, Merseyside and nearby areas. We offer both regular door and remote control garage doors. The frame of your garage door can be constructed from steel or timber. The timber option involves top quality cedar wood that is pre-stained. This helps to preserve the wood, ensuring durability and aesthetics for a long period of time. We offer remote control garage doors that are top of the line. Our cigarette lighter-activated option or handheld transmitter option are both designed to make opening your garage door easier and quicker. Gone are the days when you have to get out of the car just to open your garage door. You can save a lot of time and effort by installing a remote control option. This will be especially handy during winters! The best part is all doors we install are equipped with a 5-year warranty which also covers manufacturer’s defects.

If you require a new garage door installation in Greasby, we are the company to call. Should your garage door require repairs, we carry a large stock of parts and offer same day repairs. Contact County Garage Doors today if you need a company for a garage door installation or repair. Broken hinges, broken cables, damaged rollers, opener problems and snapped hinges are a few of the issues that we are well-equipped to deal with.